Independent vehicle valuation and reporting

Valuation disputes are not uncommon, especially when residual values are shown to be dramatically lower than a vehicle’s previous retailed value. These disputes commonly occur when engineers or insurers have not valued a vehicle correctly during the total loss process.

TEC Group vehicle engineers carry out detailed vehicle evaluations, using several proven valuation sources. They take into consideration the vehicle’s history, previous owners, mileage, extras fitted and condition. Full, national research is carried out in order to achieve the most realistic, fair and reasonable valuation. The valuation report contains detailed calculations with explanations of how the engineer has arrived at the final value.

The Benefits

Tec Engineers

The Benefits

  • Qualified, Experienced Engineers
  • Validated Vehicle details
  • Fully controlled process
  • On Line documents
  • Call Recording
  • Fair and Reasonable Values
  • Detailed Illustrated Calculations