Expert team who are experienced in claims settlements

Our experienced total loss negotiation teams work alongside our Desktop Engineers to negotiate a fair and reasonable value. Prior to any total loss settlement, details of all vehicles are validated (using direct DVLA data sources, MIAFTR II) with any special builds, extras and mileages confirmed. This information gives our vehicle engineers a complete understanding of the vehicle to enable a fast and efficient settlement process.

Only our dedicated total loss negotiation engineers are able to discuss valuations. They are completely transparent with the insured/owners, explaining the process and factors that have been considered throughout the valuation.

TEC Group provides a unique online data set; Engineers Reports, Images, Valuation Reports, Market Research (Where applicable when guide values are not available), and estimates. These easily retrievable electronic documents are held in secure PDF Format to facilitate easy settlement and recovery of losses.

The Benefits

Tec Engineers

The Benefits

  • Experienced negotiators
  • Validated Vehicle details
  • Detailed Illustrated Calculations
  • Fully controlled process
  • On Line documents
  • Call Recording
  • Instant payment instructions
  • On Line Management Data