Cost and feasibility of repairs ensuring quality and safety

TEC Group has a national team of highly trained vehicle engineers qualified in a wide range of specialities. While many are recruited from bodyshop supervisory positions, all are required to have relevant experience within their field and be able to work with a variety of estimating systems.

TEC Group vehicle engineers ensure that the correct methods, costs and feasibility of repairs are applied, ensuring quality and safety. All the company’s vehicle engineers must hold a recognised qualification and many are MIMI, MSOE, or MIAEA, or working toward such a qualification.

The Benefits

Tec Engineers

The Benefits

  • Qualified, Experienced Engineers
  • Nationwide network of engineers
  • Standardised reports, consistent approach
  • On-line diary system for improved communications
  • Easy Data Access, reports, images, market research
  • Secure web service
  • 24‎ hours desk top and 48 hour SLA‎‎
  • Management Information, a range of KPIs
  • Flexible and diverse to our clients requirements
  • Proactive process management