Designed to tackle and identify staged fraudulent claims.

Unfortunately within the insurance claims industry there is more and more evidence to suggest that fraud is on the increase. Indeed, almost every day in the media there are reports of insurers and claims handling companies being subjected to fraudulent claims, costing them millions of pounds every year.

For vehicle owners who are not happy with circumstances surrounding a claim, such the level of damage to one vehicle appearing excessive when compared to the vehicle it collided with and have suspicions about its validity, we can arrange for the two vehicles to be inspected, photographed and fully assessed. Our experienced vehicle engineers can then compare the level, extent and areas of damage and take detailed measurements to determine if the two vehicles did in fact collide and if that collision caused all the damage claimed. We can even arrange for vehicles to be accessed together at the same site, which can produce some surprising results.

The Benefits

Tec Engineers

The Benefits

  • Qualified, Experienced Engineers
  • Check all parts fitted as estimated
  • Check all repairs as per estimate
  • Estimate validation
  • Mediation Process
  • Images supplied
  • Identify and report on any short falls
  • Take control until resolution