Ensuring acceptable repair standards are applied

Following an accident repair it is extremely difficult for most owners to check that their vehicle has been repaired to a satisfactory standard. In fact it is usual practice to ask the vehicle owner to check the vehicle prior to its being released.An inexperienced individual who has no knowledge of accident damage repairs could miss critical faults with the work that may only come to light when the owner comes to sell the vehicle.

Our experienced vehicle engineers are able to apply their considerable knowledge when inspecting post accident damage repairs, examining the repair estimate to get a good indication of the repairs that have been carried out to an acceptable standard and that all invoiced components have been fitted. The engineer will also inspect the remainder of the vehicle for other defects and address any concerns the owner may have. Reports are presented in secure PDF format with all defects and recommendations clearly highlighted.

The Benefits

Tec Engineers

The Benefits

  • Qualified, Experienced Engineers
  • Check all parts fitted as estimated
  • Check all repairs as per estimate
  • Estimate validation
  • Mediation Process
  • Images supplied
  • Identify and report on any short falls