Police Authorities of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire Police Authorities are all working with TEC Reports Group highly experienced automotive engineers to provide physical vehicle inspections that deliver maximum safety, engineering efficiencies and best value to the Authority’s police vehicle accident repair programmes.

The national police fleet consists of around 28,000 vehicles that travel almost a billion miles every year. Police vehicles are notoriously challenging fleets to manage, mainly due to the demands and rigours of police use, but complicated by the significant levels of equipment and the impressive array of sophisticated electronic gadgetry vehicles are required to carry. There can be no compromises to officer safety, so there needs to be a balance between ensuring this and providing vehicles that meet performance requirements. 

TEC Reports Group’s national team of highly trained vehicle engineers‘ levels of qualification and expertise are ideally suited to meet the special challenges presented by emergency service vehicles, helping to contain or reduce the cost of repairs whilst maintaining safety standards. 

TEC’s technical experts’ use a wide range of vehicle repair data, ranging from light structural research to full body methods that ensure the correct methods, costs and feasibility of repairs are applied, ensuring quality and safety at all times. All the company’s engineers are required to have relevant experience within their field and hold a recognised qualification, whilst many are MIMI, MSOE, or MIAEA qualified.

TEC Reports Group has an established, strong reputation as the leading provider of services to the vehicle insurance industry supplying engineers and assessors services and management of motor vehicle claims through the whole lifecycle to the motor insurance market, accident claims management, fleet operators and solicitors.