A new smartphone tool that allows vehicle engineers to make a quick vehicle damage appraisal, is delivering 400% increases in claim capture rates and up to 25% cost savings per claim for insurers – while giving customers buy-in and confidence that their claim is being dealt with quickly and efficiently.

TEC Reports Group’s Image Assist smartphone tool gives vehicle owners easy to follow on-screen instructions that in most cases give the TEC’s vehicle engineers all the detail they need to make an quick and accurate accident damage assessment.

Major insurers are benefitting from not having to send out adjusters to handle what often turns out to be cosmetic damage, “It helps to get the claims filed, with resources utilized where they’re needed most, and importantly gives customer buy-in and confidence that the claim is being dealt with quickly and efficiently.”

One prominent user company is seeing exceptionally high success rates, with a 400% increase in claims capture take-up and an average saving of nearly £3,000 per claim. TEC Group CEO Charles Griffin comments that the Image Assist tool is delivering impressive results, “…beyond even our most optimistic expectations. Insurers are seeing significant reductions in accident claim costs whilst giving their customers peace of mind. It allows prompt economic, non-physical inspection of damaged vehicles to be carried out with early identification of vehicles that need physical inspection plus prompt negotiation and agreement of settlement”