To support car body repairers who may be experiencing problems during these challenging times, TEC Group is offering at-cost access to the company’s Image Assist tool.

If resource is an issue, Image Assist could be a useful tool for self-deploying out and image capturing in order to create an estimate.  A huge benefit is that Image Assist limits claimant contact either when visiting vehicle off site or claimants having to drive into a repairer.  We have already seen our physical inspections drop where claimants would rather provide images.

In order to help repairers with estimating and to keep this vital service going, Image Assist will enable a repairer to self-deploy a link to any mobile device.  The vehicle owner can take their own set of images as directed by the link and send them to the repairer to complete the estimate. Cost to the repairer would be TEC Group’s cost which is £1.00 + VAT per link deployed, which covers the cost of the text and the storage of images.

Put simply, we only need brief details to set up an account that will give login access to Claim Flow3 – with a brief guide on how to use the system, which is not difficult.  From here Image Assist can be deployed direct to a vehicle owners’ mobile number, which takes on average 30 secs.  

Once the claimant has taken the images they come straight into Claim Flow3, from where the repairer can down load them and save to their own system. Sounds simple? It really is!  

Contact Charlotte Siemonek on 07496 732406 or email